Do you think that is it possible to view a house through a video call app? And most famous now I personal believe is “ZOOM”. Less than a month lockdown, people know how to use it already.

Would you like to try?

What we can do with ZOOM app? I personally don’t think that it is effective for a viewing arrange over ZOOM.

You can’t control the screen and how we can make sure owner taking video according to your needs?

  • Move to left a bit?
  • Move up a bit?
  • I want see the kitchen…
  • Can’t see clearly, can move it closer?
  • …. Owner going to mad with your request…

It’s even harder than you view it your own.

Just wait after MCO and then only arrange viewing la…

It’s not true

Let’s start ZOOM meeting by understanding more on your needs, and this time, we can have better planning to sort out what is the best to suit your needs instead.

Example, if you are looking for an apartment in Relau with 400k budget.

I am not going to show you all the unit through ZOOM app, because it is useless. I don’t believe you will decide to buy with viewing over the screen.

It going to have a lot of arguments when come into the agreements or even worst that having issues and need to go on court for some issues we can’t see over the screen.

Why not we discuss further

Let’s zoom down 400k in Relau, what is the available property on sale and which could be more benefits to you.

Maybe we can know a little bit more on your private information that could help us to discover property that suit your feng shui or number.

Yes, either we can talk a little bit more about The Feng Shui at the surrounding area and what “gua number” you are in. So we can propose the correct facing according to your lucky direction.

Besides Feng Shui

We also can discuss further on where you actually work and any plan in the next 5 years.

By understanding little bit more with our experiences we could give you more choices to choose the right one.

It is more important compared to the individual unit that you love for the internal renovations and furniture.

All the internal we can get it done but not the location.

Common Mistakes

My sales is bad all this while, because I feel bad if I sell something that I already feel it is not suitable for my customer situation.

There is too many buyers in the market and they wanted to buy what they wants. But forgot about the important of location.

Instead of getting a smaller house with more cash flow, usually the budget is really tight for their monthly commitment.

On the other hand, my successful sales is people who willing to listen to my advice so that he can have better choices at the end of day.

And majority of them, loan approved without problem.

Do you check your budget first?

I know in the past I am not good in handling my “advice”, it’s too harsh and rude most of the time.

Actually is saving your valued time, see what I had explained in the budget. Read here – What is the first step to buy real estate?

We can help you in better planning on budget instead of view and then buy. And then getting loan rejected after booking deposit paid.

Some bad luck will have issue to claim back the booking deposit as well, all this can be avoid completely.

Besides Property, Good to know little bit on investment plan.

Nope? I just wanted to buy for self stay and not for any investment related…

Is that you?

Do you think the same that buying for self stay should ignore on investment plan?

For me personally, #1 is most important to #5 is least important.

  1. Property Location Near to Commute.
  2. Future Development in Neighbourhood.
  3. Nearby Amenities – Groceries, Shops, Medical & Schools.
  4. Pricing Comparison.
  5. The particular unit.

But the common mistake for people who buy for their first home, including myself for my very first property.

I done a lot of works to understand the particular unit that I wanted to buy instead of the big picture.

You can avoid that.

During MCO lockdown, beside busy for our kids, we can have a schedule ZOOM for your property viewing.

You not going to view the particular unit with me, but I will show you the overall and how important that you should buy according to your situation.

And learn how to think like rich, so you could turn your liabilities to asset when you need it.

Learn a little bit more on investment news like this article in THE STRAITS TIMES – Some retail investors tap cheap cash to buy shares

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Happy understanding and stay safe at home.