Tricks to rent out property quickly in 1 month and peaceful

By giving a helping hand in laundry, I got to know a landlord want to rent out property faster and willing to pay for value added fee and secure the appointment immediately.
rent out property faster

Rent out property easier and faster with peace of mind.

As usual I went for laundry for the week, and as usual I am just giving an extra hand to assist when I saw them need some helps.

By curiosity, they checking why I am good with the machine, with my little bit explanation surprise them with my detail analysis skill. Haha 😆

Again with curiosity they asked me about my job, and so happened they want to rent out their house.

“I want to rent out my house quickly, what is the market price now for my property” She said.

Well, what is the sizes and how about the condition about the house, it can seriously affect your rental price especially in today market.

How to rent out property faster

Rent out property faster

I explained further, what is the paint condition, clean/comfort and the first feeling of the house when entered is the key to rent out the property faster.

First, let’s put yourself need to rent a property that near to your working area for your convenience to work.

So you come to a project with couple of choices there, the same project with different unit and prices, will you like to choose a unit that you feel it dusty?

Clean and comfort feeling is very important and it actually cost minimal.

I personally came across many units successfully rent out faster simply because the first feeling when tenant step into the house.

Second, the painting for the house, this slightly cost higher but still consider for the minimal cost for higher return.

This is seriously affected as it also take very big point for the feeling when their first step into your unit.

New paint added 20% rental and rented out really quick.

New pain better value

Not only one unit proven with this painting work, for a unit rental asking for RM 850 and couldn’t rent out more than 3 months.

The landlord I met through BNI (Business Networking International) Success Chapter

After getting new paint up, we manage to rent it out immediately for 1st viewing.

And the rental is RM 1,000 which is additional 20% from RM 850.00 (Where got many viewings arranged but didn’t manage to rent out)

Another one of the unit with better rental which is rented out by couple of viewings.

This one is RM 3,200 and tenant is “Hongkie” who actually view many units with choices from RM 2,800 to RM 3,500

But the unit of RM 2,800 which is I though suppose to rent out before this RM 3,200 because of the furniture is almost same.

So I go deeper to understand why tenant choose the higher price one, their reply is simply he saw the unit newly touch up and again none other than “comfortable of clean”

He further added, the RM 2,800 unit is really cheap but it looks like vacant for long time. It could having problems to solve after I move in since it is vacant, so I rather pay a slightly higher price for my peace of mind.

Not price but value of peaceful

Tricks to rent out property quickly in 1 month and peaceful 1

To rent out property faster actually not simply by reducing your price alone, unless you still much cheaper compared to other choices.

Especially for 2020 this year, still during bad time, more choices with lower price and really competitive.

Where I got a unit which is empty and the landlord keep repeating her “bff” who rented out their property without furniture.

Yes, I do not disagree with empty unit also able to rent out, because there is needs too for people who had their own furnitures.

But what do you think about “who will be the tenant most of the time?” , think about it deeper.

Who will be the tenant? Dive deeper

Who is your tenant?

How many local with their furniture looking to rent a house for upgrading their lifestyle?

Think about it 👆🏻

What is the cost for outstation worker from other state to hire movers to move their furniture to your unit? And move it back after tenancy end.

Think about it 👆🏻

My 6 years experience in rent out property, majority tenant is actually outstation workers from other state or foreign workers from other country.

Do you believe this? 👆🏻

What you gives, what you gets.

Giver gains

After all, please think triple on this, the circle of life. If the tenant could accept the bad condition of your house, means they’ll __________ your house. (fill the blank)

On the other hand, if the tenant request more cleaning measure and better lifestyle from you, usually their requirement for cleanliness is simply higher.

You will get back a well maintained house after they moved out. Not 100% but it’s proven with majority.

My house my own experience with a flat located in Paya Terubong, rented out for Indian nurse from Kedah.

I gives her a newly touch up and completely clean house, after a year, it’s looks like not much different.

And I rented it out again immediately after she moved out for RM 720.00 (additional RM 20 after a year)

This is really lucky too, but I did clean it up another round by myself even the house condition is good before tenant view the house.

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