TNB Bill issue explanation – Why June 2020 Spike Up.

tnb bill issue spike up

Recently we have TNB Bill issue and the billing amount is spike up especially after MCO is over.

In June, there is complaints from my customer, tenant who renting their condo / houses with my Property Negotiator services.

Yesterday, two customer came to me with the problem again and wanted me to check with the landlord and hope that landlord could take action to claim back the money from TNB.

Yes, there is news said can lodge to claim.

TNB Bill issue explanation - Why June 2020 Spike Up. 1

You may try to follow what written in the news to lodge a report to claims, but here my explanation might help you to discover the root cause.

Check & Count First Before go to lodge for claims

tnb bill issue

Understanding the bill reading by “Bacaan Anggaran”

TNB Bill issue explanation - Why June 2020 Spike Up. 3

This is meter reading by the system.

During MCO period, there is no technician came to our house and take the meter reading, so it is just a bill by the system with average amount.

How to easily count the TNB bill issue?

When is the last payment and how much?

Look! my bill is boom up to RM 528.80 from average RM 100…

This is 5X

tnb bill issue spike up

Payment Tracing

TNB Bill issue explanation - Why June 2020 Spike Up. 4

Paid to TNB by FEB RM 162

Paid to TNB by Apr RM 236

Paid to TNB by May RM 103

Total Payment to TNB RM 501

The TNB bill issue is when “Bacaan Sebenar”

tnb bill issue bacaan sebenar

Let’s sum up!

Total payment paid to TNB from FEB to May is RM 501

The TNB Bill issue is spike up May bill for RM 528.33 ! !

What happen? !


All this while my bill is around RM 105.00

During MCO, we stay home and air-cond actually turned on for more than double hours compared to last time.

So February bill is RM 118.70

March bill is RM 118.10 (This is Bacaan Anggaran) MCO is hit, so the bill should be RM 150 maybe simply because 18th to 31st about 13 days is two point 5 times (2.5x) usage.

April bill by Bacaan Anggaran is RM 103.75 , if Bacaan Sebenar can be RM 250 because two point 5 times (2.5x) of usage.

May bill similar to the above la.

Month Payment Bill
Feb 162 118.70
March   118.10
April 236 103.75
May 103 528.80
Total 501 869.35


The TNB bill issue is math.

As I mentioned during March, April my bill should go for two point five x (2.5x) , so the bill is suppose to like this.

Month Payment Bill
Feb 162 118.70
March   200
April 236 250
May 103 250
Total 501 818.7

Once we total it up and divide it into every month by our payment record, the tnb bill issue gone.

During MCO, my usage is 2.5x for 2 months

So my May bill is 2.5x + 2.5x = 5x, the total reading by bacaan sebenar is already divided into 3 accordingly with the reading date of 92 hari .

Mean that, for everyone bill, the total “bacaan sebenar” will show in latest bill which is technician came to our house to read the meter.

The bill is total up 92 hari but already deducted our payment already.

So, sum it up = bill issue solved.

Another example for your understanding.

tnb bill issue solve by sum it up


TNB bill issue usage divided accordingly

tnb bill issue usage divided accordingly

Still entitle to get higher tier if you usage within tier. The accumulative usage has been divided accordingly for “93 hari” if we read carefully.

First 200, and it sum for 620 KWH
Second 100, and it sum for 310 KWH
Third 300, and it sum for 930 KWH

So if our total usage in “93 hari” still less than 1200KWH, still entitle to get “the said” discount.



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Happy understanding!

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