Share chestonchoo.com’s post and earn RM 300 per sale

Share chestonchoo.com's post and earn RM 300 per sale

No jokes, subscribe my website and get updates via email.

Then you could read my post and when you feel it is useful for your friend and share it on your wall.

Once you share, it’s normal that for property information and your friends didn’t hit the like button like your other posts.

This could be really low engagement and also nothing to worry that your friends will unfriend you because of you share my post.

Just for property, majority of people don’t want to let people know they are looking.

It’s completely fine and nothing we can do with.

Money came after persistency

Write with your thoughts that why you think my post is useful.

Continue doing it and somehow your friends will come to me directly without letting you know.

As my practice I always asked where they get to know me.

From the famous website mudah.my, PropertyGuru or iProperty?

It’s some kind of filtering to let me know how genuine he is as well.

If my buyer told me how he get to know me, I am willing to share 25% of my nett commission to the people who refer business to me.

It’s really simple by keep sharing my post

Once any buyer quoted your name how he/she get to know me from your sharing.

I will not run away with the commission of 25% need to pay for your kindness on sharing.

Furthermore, a minimum of RM 300 for cases successfully completed.

Which is mean if one successful sale of RM 85k property, a 1% commission only RM 850.00

After deduct for company portion, property listing fee any related fee.

My nett commission could be left only RM 500+

As 25% of my nett commission only become RM 125.00 and I believe this is not attractive anymore.

So, a minimum of RM 300 for any successful complete sales.

Especially my friend, who meet me in real life, you know my personality.

With this post published and this is written in black and white, if I run away with your money.

Simply share how I run away with your money too.

I am 7 years in this industry and not going to kill myself for this.

This is long term business.

Long term business and loyalty is very important to us

I make you and your friends happy, they will also tell their friends.

I am happy to make you and your friends and friends happy.

Check out my homepage for more information about me.

No registration required

You may tag me while you share my post to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary call(s) to you.

Few simple sample of write up could be

“I personally agree on _________ this post, can look for @chestonchoo for more”

“This is useful __________ , thanks to @chestonchoo , keep it up”

“Tell my name to get better service when you meet @chestonchoo”

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