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“No one able to think clearly at the beginning, our goals actually coming into our path after we getting started” 

— Getting started —
No matter the type of home you’re in the market for, we’ve got you covered. We’re in your neighbourhood– we know what it’s like to live here, too!

Loyalty is seriously important for long lasting memories, it is my honour to help you find the perfect home without breaking the bank.

Real Estate FAQs

Whether you are first time or not, you can use this as rehearsal to understand more how a transaction is completed. Here are answers to some of the most common question.

What is the first step to buy real estate?

The answer is BUDGET, Getting the right budget could save us plenty of time and our goals will come to us instead of breaking our head.


First, by knowing how much we can afford, this directly save time from searching online and narrows down suitable properties, further more no time is wasted on viewing the house which is not within our budget. (Pre-approvals on mortgage loan also helps prevent disappointment from falling in love with unaffordable properties.)

Secondly, after pre-approval with loan estimates, we know how much the required fund for down payment, legal fees, agent fee & so on. It may take more time to save up money, liquidate other assets or seek our family for mortgage gift funds. In this case, we have the clear picture of what financial required.

Last, with advance loan approval, this shows that you are a serious buyer and have better persuasion capabilities for the owner and your real estate agent to get a better price.

Sellers often accept bargains from buyers who are pre-screened (and verified) for loans. The reason is very simple, because sellers can securely accept the booking deposits, and also avoid “the tester” to bargain. This further protect the privacy of sellers without needs to release their documentations to “the tester”.

How long does it take to buy a home?

From online searching to confirm a house buying? Unpredictable as I personally got a client who took about 18 months on searching… 🤪

To be exact upon booking fee & the LETTER OF OFFER & ACCEPTANCE (SALE & PURCHASE) |>sample<|, fourteen (14) working days to execute & sign the SPA (Sale & Purchase Agreement). And then another three (3) + one (1) months period for the bank to release the balance payment.

So the average time to complete the sale is about 60 to 90 days (under normal market conditions). Well, for home buyers who able to pay cash have been known that their process simply faster.

One of the major factor for the Market Conditions is how many units sold within the period. In hot market and a lot of sales activities, buying a home may take longer than usual. That’s because of several parties is involved in every property transaction, and their man power unable to increase for the sudden needs. For example, those Valuers & House Inspector is limited and they need time to get their license. Furthermore, bankers turn around times for loan underwriting also slow down.

If each party involved in the deal takes additional of one or two days, the entire process extended without special reason.

My services & supports


Experienced and useful tips on property buying, selling & renting. Your Reliable Senior Consultant.

• Free to check property value and “Property staging”.

• Provide strategy planning and marketing ideas to sell property faster and unleashing the true value of the property by getting highest offer.

Interior Decorating

• I’ll work closely with you to transform your home into something that reflects your personality (and your budget).

• I also work closely with the team who going to work for you is part of the member from BNI (Business International Networking)

• We take business seriously and our honest to serve you and your friends and family better.


• Thinking about making some renovations? Our team of experienced architects can help you draft a plan.

• As being Senior Consultant with persistency providing one stop solutions for my client, from land to roof such as floor tiles, wall tiles, painting and roof repairs is also my interest to involve with... (Experienced Handyman)

• Especially for roof repair, I got a “kampung friend” since childhood and he is really good for it. I personally recommend him as “roof specialist

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