Would property price really drop?

1. Property Price May Drop – Developer

1. Property Price May Drop - Developer

If we ask the developer, the answer is NO. If they answered yes, then their future properties can stop launching and selling. Thus, we should not ask the developer.

2. Property Price May Drop – Real Estate Agent

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If we ask the real estate agent, the answer is NO. If they answered yes, then who would buy a property, everyone better wait until the property prices drop, then they can buy cheap property

3. Property Price May Drop – Banker

3. Property Price May Drop - Banker

If we ask the banker, the answer is NO. If they answered yes, they will be worried because the home loan they gave was based on current price. If the price drops in future, they may face losses from the loan.

4. Property Price May Drop – Home Owner

4. Property Price May Drop - Home Owner

If we ask any home owner, the answer is NO. If they answered yes, they will look foolish because why did they buy so early? Of course they would also NOT sell you lower than the price they bought too.

5. Property Price May Drop – Government

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If we ask the government, the answer is NO. Which government would like property prices to fall because this will make the voters who are home owners very angry! Imagine how will they vote in the next election?

6. Property Price May Drop – First-time Home Buyer

If we ask a first-time home buyer who has NOT yet purchased a home, then they will answer YES, they want prices to drop. However, as soon as they sign the Sale and Purchase agreement and you ask them again the same question, their answer is NO!


I hope you get a full overview of all the major stakeholders in the property market. This is why except for some wrong properties at the wrong place and wrong price, most properties will not see a fall in price. It’s very important to buy a good property at a good price and stay there and see how the property price continue to increase slowly over the years. This is what we call property investment.

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(一)房地产价格下降 » 发展商 / 开发商

如果我们询问开发商,它们答案是否定的。 如果他们回答“是”,那么他们要如何发行和出售接下来的项目呢? 因此,我们不应该询问开发商。

(二)房地产价格下降 » 房地产经纪人

如果我们问房地产经纪人,答案是否定的。 如果他们回答“是”,那么谁还愿意买房,当然是等到房地产价格下降后再买便宜的房。因此,我们也不应该询问房地产经纪人。

(三)房地产价格下降 » 银行家

如果我们问银行家,答案是否定的。 如果他们回答“是”,他们将担心,因为他们提供的房屋贷款是基于当前价格的。 如果未来价格下跌,他们可能会因贷款而蒙受损失。因此,我们也不应该询问银行家。

(四)房地产价格下降 » 房主

如果我们问房主,答案是否定的。 如果他们回答“是”,他们就会显得愚蠢,因为他们为什么这么早购买? 当然,他们也不会以低于他们购买的价格卖给您。尤其是目前因新冠肺炎的影响,更多时候他们卖的价格的确是低于市场价格,大多数还是高于他们购买的价格,你同意吗?

(五)房地产价格下降 » 政府

如果我们问政府,答案是否定的。 哪个政府希望房价下跌,因为这会使作为房主的选民非常生气! 想象一下,他们将如何在下次大选中投票?

(六)房地产价格下降 » 首次购房者

如果我们询问尚未购买房屋的首次购房者,那么他们会回答“是”,他们希望价格下跌。 但是,一旦他们签署了《买卖协议》成为了房主,而您又问他们同样的问题,他们的答案即可转变成“否”了!


希望您在此“看透”这些房地产市场上的主要利益相关者。 这就是为什么除了错误位置和价格错误的一些错误房屋之外,大多数房屋都不会看到价格下跌的原因。 非常重要的一点是,以高价购买优质房地产并留在那里,看看这些年来房地产价格如何继续缓慢增长。 这就是我们所谓的房地产投资。


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