Property Bubble Burst Soon? Let’s wait and grab the deal later..

Property Bubble Burst Soon? What is your expectation for year 2020 and welcome to leave your comment with us.
Property Bubble Burst Soon

“Property Bubble Burst Soon! And I expected further rebate & discount is given by next year...” One of my customer replied.

These people love to tell us, the property market going to crash and they will grab some great deal and make some good money $… 

But I believe these people they will keep waiting, since property price is only up for over 30 years… 

Well we had one mortgage crisis which started from the U.S in 2008 but these “people” is still waiting until today…

Property is overprice now, wait the property bubble burst...

In 2008, the property prices actually moved up suddenly. Queues were forming every time there were new launches… 

Especially to me where I still couldn’t afford to buy a property yet, this prices increased is pretty uncomfortable…

Even I am working really hard from 9am to 10pm with overtime to triple up my income without time to spend and keep my savings up… I still didn’t manage to buy.

And most of my friends who also haven’t buy any property yet, they told me to wait for the property bubble burst since “Property is overpriced”.

I got no choice to quit as a electrician where I need to leave my home from 7:45am and back home by 11pm most of the days… To get triple of RM 728.00 which is +/-RM 2,200 only.

And The Main Resign reason is overtime shift is no longer there for me to grab as we are working with U.S company and they get affected with the crisis.

By getting basic pay of RM 728.00 per month without overtime… How can I get a property with such little income

The thing doesn’t kill you, make you stronger.

By looking for solutions I got no choice to enter the field which is I hated the most because I am super shy to communicate with people!

Yeah, it is sales field with a printing company who supply the offset moulds to most of the printers in Penang.

Then I quit the job where I got better offer and continue looking for my career advancement…

It’s pretty hard especially when my leader keep inviting me to attend Toastmasters Meeting.

But again, this is the process where we did something really harsh to ourselves and couldn’t breath properly, I still remember the “ice breaker” with so many “monster” staring on me… I nearly fainted on the stage.

After getting on stage more frequent, I get myself with another career advancement offered from PropertyGuru with basic income of RM 1,900 and much more allowances.

I bought on Valentine’s Day of 2012

Finally! I bought my first house for a completed but not fully sold unit directly from the developer… 

And this purchase actually giving me tons of negative comments… 

Especially during the hot market time, everywhere is like queue up and sold during the launch.

Hot, Spicy & Uncomfortable!

Back there, it’s a very hot seasons for the slogan “Why rent if you can own”. I was renting a room and this really impacted me.

Almost every friends and relatives of me was telling me not to buy a property, it not going to be easy and will get myself into serious “DEBTS” for 35 years!

But then to me personally, I just need to top up RM 300 to get the house I wants from my room rental RM 300 per month. 

A house of RM 132,800 with 90% mortgage loan of 35 years, it’s actually less than RM 600 per month.

Then I got a house with 3 bedroom which is I can rent out the extra room, but I didn’t do that because that time I still don’t have the knowledge on renting out.

Until my situation changes, after I got my baby and no longer stay there, it’s by life force and not choices… I learnt to rent out my unit.

Today the house is renting for RM 800.00 but the monthly instalment is remain at the same price of RM 600.00 +/- BLR

What would be the conclusion?

Are you still waiting the property bubble to burst then only grab your dream house?

By the way, instead of predicting when property bubble gonna burst, why not think further what if you buy now and worst scenario happened?

Before we get into property investment, start it with what we needs first, once everything getting in place through our life experiences, it going to be easier to enter the journey of investment.

Well prepared = Never lose

This is only apply for the property we buy for our own needs. There is no sure win investment in this world… Think twice if sure win.

We don’t have anything sure win here, buy we do have somethings worth for you to have a look and understand a little bit more.

Besides, can refer to 7 reasons should buy now and not regret later for further understanding on why we should buy even we suspect property bubble burst…

Lazy to read for another 5 minutes? Click the button below to talk with us.

Instead of waiting property bubble burst...

Property bubble Malaysia burst or not?  Why wait but not taking action from now? 2020 is another new start, keep 2019 for memories. Happy understanding. 

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