Master your habits in less than 5 mins a day. Mindset Magic

It is “a formula” we succeed at work, “a formula” of how healthy we feel, and “a formula” of how happy with what we have achieved. Our habits our identity.
Master your habits in less than 5 mins a day.

As much as you realise it, habits of mind is something that could changes a lot in our life. — habits of successful people.

It is “a formula” we succeed at work, “a formula” of how healthy we feel, and “a formula” of how happy with what we have achieved.

Believe it or not, our habits seem to be reflected in our daily lives and can make up for our identity.



Something that myself been through in my life for a change and the magic happened, I call it “Mindset Magic”.

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances. In Lally’s study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit.

Read full at my top search results — “how long to change a habit” — How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science)

So, if you really take it seriously with your life, I believe you can make it too, because I am also just an ordinary guy like majority of people.


What is the magic happened to my life? By doing it less than 5 minutes a day,

Then after first 30 days you should able to see the true picture of what actually happened to your mind.

This is the moment when smile might transform into tears, surprise and disappointment.

It’s is so lucky that we take the decision and move ourselves out from the comfort zone.

Master your habits in less than 5 mins a day. Mindset Magic 1

However, to get to the end of 30 days period, it takes one’s commitment and willingness to really find out what your entertainment habits are.

What happened to me and I believe that on average 90% of people not able to do so, because I am not getting it for first couple of tries too…

That’s why this is what I look into the ways how to get this habits of successful people a simple way you can actually stick to. — What I been through.


The first step is solely on you. If you have a feeling that you want to get better with you life, then take the decision and just do it.

This is seriously & simply with “JUST DO IT” ! Habits start from smallest thing..

Habits of successful people -a can to remind that you can do it.

A decision for yourself by not spending your sweet time with the entertainment after your working hour.

Yes, it is! Before getting into further on planning and how can we have a better and successful people mindsets, just do by not playing game or watching TV

For the my first try, I re-downloaded the game less than a 48 hours and played it as usual.

Then second and many times of tries, the period time I re-downloads the game become longer…

But I get distracted with TV with exciting DRAMA…

— Habits of successful people • 11 Reasons You Should Stop Watching Television Now


Take your time to find out what your biggest need is.

My own experience with this, it’s like nothing to do already, I cannot play game, I cannot watch TV, I cannot go for basketballs & etc…

Any of entertainment after my working routines… It getting me crazy and really getting bored over the time…

When I am really bored without thing to do, then is where I started to look around for things that can enhance and grow my mindset.

Again, for the first, second and many times of tries, it is normal if we failed. It is a must for the progress.

— Habits of accepting failures as a must for practice progress.


What do you think if you keep your daily routines with the entertainment and contentment with your comfort zone?

!Caution! — You might get angry 😡 for this facts — !Caution!

How long did you just getting yourself in the comfort zone with your daily routine by go to work, get home and enjoy your life without input new things up to your minds…

Our minds is like a garden, what do you think if you leave your garden empty without doing anything?

Will you get a beautiful empty garden? The answer is definitely a “No !” , you will get a garden with Full of Weeds.

Well, it’s really scary and I been through that, seriously scary and I am lost in the dark.

When we are down, we tend to focus on problem and negative things, our minds stop process further and love to concludes with “I can’t do that” and “It’s not my talent…”

When our minds said “I can’t do that”, it shutdown and stop thinking further, then we will watch TV and play games to enjoy happy hours.

If it repeats longer time, is where we getting deeper for the darkness…


I personally encourage everyone learn by trying, it’s not big deal if thing goes wrong.

Theory in most of the time is very easy and smooth, in reality and practical, these thing took me years and yet to make it my habits…

Practice make perfect, what a simple line of words and I believe everyone know that, but do you on the path and won’t shy away for mistakes ?

I am not, I still shy and fear to make mistakes. But I will continue stick to what I focus on the small thing first.


Everything start with the small first, I failed many times because I wants results fast, before I really get it become part of my life, I started other changes…

Do it right, it can be easy… Let’s summary here:

  1. Start with small. (a 5 minutes time)
  2. Just do it. (feeling weird is actually normal)
  3. Stay focused. (focus, focus & focus)
  4. Repeat the above.


Don’t be shy, this is also one of the part of looking a better life, it’s just need about 5 minutes read.

Spend about 30 minutes for reading is my current target, how about yours?

So by improving myself reading skill, is where to improve my writing skill too.

Of course, this is where I personally saw myself tremendously improve my presentation skill when I am in my “Battle Field”

Checkout my homepage for more.

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