Loan moratorium with or without extension, what happen after 6 month

Many saids, property market will crash especially after 6 month of loan moratorium, well I am on the opposite simply because I believe that people who lost job will not "wait to die"
loan moratorium with or without extension, what happen after 6 month


simply wants to survive

Either with or without extension of loan moratorium, I don’t believe that people who are having financial issue now, will continue their status without finding way out.

Look, as a Property Negotiator, in March when MCO was announced and my income is totally zero (0) simply we are fully commission base.

Furthermore, it is two months period with road blocks everywhere which we could hardly travel more than 10km.

How and what I can do to feed my two (2) kids during MCO?

Yeah, it’s simply wants to survive and we will definitely think out of a way to survive.

How about you? Have you got affected seriously? 


many are eyeing

Well, in the past 2 weeks is actually property transactions was boomed up, which I could say my business is “best” since I joined Real Estate back in 2013.

Exactly! There is many serious buyer who actually eyeing on property prices for long time, with an offer that really fall within their budget, they took their action immediately.

Believe it or not, first time in my history that I sold three units in one day…

Yeah, even myself also never thoughts of that will happen in my Real Estate journey.

So, don’t wait for further prices drop in property simply people wants to survive no matter what happened, for those who didn’t think out of box and “wait to die” is really limited.

Then where property transactions are increased, what do you think about the property prices on the next move?


sold ! sold ! and sold !

30 units sold in two weeks by meridin properties & team

This particular condominium is developed by a famous developer who built the environment too besides just the condo alone.

And the price is now selling like an apartment where need a monthly instalment of RM 1,300 only.

Yet, this condo I actually bought it with higher price before covid-19 hits. 

And with the market survey, the monthly rental demand in that particular area, easily rent out for RM 1,400 and above.

But not for now since overall market slowdown and even developers also got no choice to further cut and giving more for less.

This is really attractive package, if not we could never sold 30+ units in two weeks time especially with the market condition today.

Yeah, good sale don’t stay for long, long sales isn’t good. Grab your unit before it fully sold.

Contact us ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ to discover more buyer market’s deal!

Wait no more.


what if loan moratorium extended?

I personally don’t think it’s healthy if loan moratorium further extend even thought “targeted at vulnerable groups” 

Full article on Extension of loan moratorium must be targeted at vulnerable groups

Loan moratorium with or without extension, what happen after 6 month 1

The extension should not be given in full as many businesses are already on the path to recovery, says MIDF MD


as many businesses were recovering

What do you see and what do you feel? Have you come across to engage any kind of service recently?

To me personally where CMCO is open for tenant to view houses, we got many enquiries and also many units is taken up in short period of time.

People who need to get a home stay for their work, they got no excuses and being forced to decide as soon as possible.

After they taken up some units, also our service on follow up with contractors to clean, service air-conditioning  & minor repairs before handover the house.

What really happened here? Most of the services is prior to appointment which is they having tight schedule as well.


there is crisis there is opportunity

The word crisis comes from the Greek “to separate, to sift” which means to pass judgement, to keep only what is worth while. 

There is an opportunity in every crisis and the deeper the crisis, the better the opportunity can be. But some people are not capable of seeing it.

I see opportunity, so I go with the opportunity, would you like to find out? Get your opportunity by click here.

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