I got a call from a friend of friend that we meet long time ago, he is introduce by my friend who actually jet me up on my IT related knowledge.

I am busy because I got meeting

Today during my meeting session, he suddenly called me for small industries rental.

Since the day I met him introduce by my friend, he actually looking for a small industry to rent / buy. If not mistaken should be around last year March.

I declined his call and replied him with a message that I am in meeting, will call him back later.

Then after my meeting I immediately call him back even during MCO we unable to arrange any viewing but it’s good that we can schedule our appointment in advance if there is need.

He think I known already.

Still can meeting on this time? He asked. (Movement Conrol Order-MCO)

I said ya, company organise zoom meeting and there is sharing how we utilise online platform especially Facebook for online marketing during MCO period.

Because he got to know me from the friend who introduce me to him like a Facebook Marketing Expert.

So he then asked: “You still need to attend for Facebook training?”

It is so dangerous if I think I already known.

Something that stopping us to learn is exactly our attitude like this. When there is junior sharing but as a senior we thought that we already known.

Especially come to the points where you already known it, furthermore it is more than 80% of its content is where you learned in the past.


  • “Nah! , I know this already”
  • “This is not right”
  • “Again? Nothing new”

Whatever thoughts that similar to “I learned this before” is seriously dangerous for us.

It will stopping us from learning, stop paying attention in the sharing, or even didn’t respect the speaker indirectly from our tiny body language.

If I haven’t apply, it’s nothing.

Yeah, I attended for couple advance marketing course which could easily cost me above RM 2,000 for just one or two day.

So when I did share something related in Facebook Marketing, Google Ads Marketing, WeChat Marketing & Social Media Marketing, most of my friends will thought that I am really Expert with my detailing speech.

Sadly, I really learn fast but I can’t apply it fast. This is exactly the power of execution all the task and putting all into place.

It’s take time and there is no shortcut, we need our professional knowledge building up slowly with practical experience which is we never able to buy it over theoretical learning sessions.

I don’t allowed myself to think that.

I don’t allowed myself to think that I known already especially today sessions, even my wife is compliments again what the junior sharing is exactly what I taught her in the past.

Instead, this is a very good rehearsal to check which important points that we still not use it in our daily life. Let’s put it to our practical.


  1. Follow up immediately
    • This directly remind us that our sales pipeline should be practice it and update it with double effort and make it happen.
  2. Update Property Listing
    • Yes, it’s true and again remind us that during MCO most owner is free to talk compared to none MCO period.
  3. Schedule Appointment in Advance.
    • We do have appointment on 16th April onwards.
  4. Stay Active in Your Profession
    • It’s remind me that I wasted my time for first 14 days of MCO.
  5. Persistency To Share Our Post Frequently But Not Spamming.
    • This is exactly how to get more traffics and exposure with free method today.
    • The result even better than I spend RM 50.00 with Facebook Ads & Google Ads.
    • Organic Reach by our efforts and sharing build trust indirectly with people who actually follow us for sometime.

Thanks to Power Tuesday

Thanks to Meridin Properties Sdn Bhd, my company for this Power Tuesday meeting.

A simple session could listen to a junior but he won top rookie awards consistenly for many months.

You can see his Face in the picture, he is Jia Yong. (Oops, he closed his eye)

A junior worth who achieved much better result and a reminder to senior like me who work more than 5 years in property market.

Since the day I learned the word “economy”, I rarely heard people said “economy is good” unless I attended to motivation classes where teaching us see on the bright side.

Happy understanding and stay safe at home.