An iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB is equivalent to an extra RM110,000 worth of “property”

Buying a property with our own money, that’s really important and how can we get started?


Where is our money come from?

Well, it could be from our saving over a couple of year(s), it can also from our parent too…


But not speculative sources.

This is ensure the property price do no rise suddenly, and think ahead on this especially more building is coming up from our government and it’s benefits to people yet to own a house.

Of course this is also really bad news to those investor who buy now and sell later by flipping the new property with it’s package and get TONS of money.


Why and when the property prices rise TOO FAST & TOO SOON?

The only reason property prices rise is when the demand has suddenly increased but houses won’t appear suddenly simply because it need time to build.

This is exactly what I saw for the past especially between 2010 – 2014, property market is really hot and majority people get affected and just wanted to own a house.

So the property price actually JUMPED UP…


Then how do we save?

One way we could save a lot of money is by NOT buying a new arrival smartphone every year when it come with new model…


Not buying an iPhone can own a house?

An iPhone is equivalent to an extra RM 110,000 worth of propertyBriefly, an iPhone Pro Max 256GB is about RM 5,999 and what do we lose in term of a “property”.

Here I use the EPP 12 month (Easy Payment Plan 0% Interest), for those who bought a new iPhone every year. It’s about RM 500 per month.

This is actually enough for us to pay for a RM 110,000 property as it mortgage repayment is below RM 500.00 per month.


So, it is a choice between an iPhone and a house.

iPhone or Property it’s a choice Let’s thinking slightly ahead, what if we buy a property for our own good, but willing to rent out the extra room for additional RM 500?

By doing this, that’s an extra RM 6,000 per year and then we could get RM 30,000 over a period of 5 years.

Which is this can help us easier to get started our property investment journey.


Money being smaller today!

Did we love to blame the money being smaller especially the inflations… But the truth is, the choice that we made in the past is:

Either “I can’t do that” vs “How can I do that”

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On the other side, short term of loan is easier.

Yes of course shorter term of loan is easier and this is why majority of people is worried about taking up the loan term mortgage like property. 

Even myself got many customers who already agreed with the secret behind the property investment And knowing that it can help them to achieve financial freedom, but still need some time to move their first step.

Some of them already missing in action “ASEAN” 😃 


It’s actually not difficult when do it right with step by step.

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