Idaman Iris for Sale RM 405,000 Turn a mess into miracle.

Idaman Iris for sale RM 405k only, this house is tenanted and messed with tenant's belongings, but when we really look into it, it is still in good condition by cleaning it.
Idaman Iris for sale 405k turn a mess into miracle


take a closer look

Looking for a good unit in Idaman Iris especially for 2 car park?

This is the best unit as for August-September 2020, you can own it with zero down payment.

Check out more photos for the example as RM 405k by owning this Idaman Iris. Please take note, if similar with the photo below you are ok, actually you might get it done below 400k if there is no extra added items you need.


after simple paint & furnished - example

NOW Only!

You see the different? By buying this property, with the arrangement we could help you, you will get something looks like this or even better for RM 405k only. 

Yes! What you see is other house with my arrangement on the renovation & furnish. You can get it done within RM 25k! 

The nett purchase price of this particular Idaman Iris is selling for RM 380k only! 

Get your home in Idaman Iris (2 car park) with Fully Furnished & Renovated.

Kindly contact Mr. Cheston to assist you on getting your dream home without breaking the bank.

Let’s simplify yours home buying journey.


where is this

The Perfect Location

Nearby Amenities:

  • Shop(s): Sunshine, Queensbay, Elit Avenue, Tesco & More…
  • School(s): Chong Cheng, Min Sin & SJKC/T lot more… 
  • Medical: Pantai Hospital & Many Others Clinic
  • Food: Jln Tengah, Sunshine, Elit Avenue, Pisa Corner & more…


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