We pay for you real estate business • Startup.

Join Meridin Properties under Cheston’s Team (Cheston’s Portfolio), and we pay for you to earn especially in your probation period.

start real estate business easily by we pay, you earn

Start it and earn above RM 5,000 in your first month without worrying the expensive cost of business startup.


We pay for your real estate business • Advertisement.

Real estate advertisement cost too high for entry? 

start real estate business easily because we cover your ads spend

Don’t worries, we got you covered for the ads spend in your probation period.

After that, you can decide which package you like the most to suite your working style.


We pay for your real estate business • NCC Course

Not sure should pay for REN Tag (Real Estate Negotiator Identification)?

start real estate business easily and we pay for you NCC course

Don’t worries, we got you covered once you pass your probation period.

So you can continue to work on it and legalise your real estate business. 

Grow up and becoming leader in later stage.


We pay for your real estate business • Training

No experience? Don’t worry!

Join real estate business with us and we pay for your training

We had the system for training and we pay for that, so you will grow with the system.

You can easily duplicate it by recruiting members and let your team to train by the system as well.

This will make sure you got your time to do sales, by the same time your team members is growing.


We pay for your real estate business • Travel trips

Due to MCO and we couldn’t travel and have a holiday trip?

Your own real estate business with us where we pay for your travel trips

We plan & pay for local trip if we still unable to go for oversea trip.

Leave the headache to Meridin Properties, we travel for FREE.


We pay for your commission every week • Fast payout

Real estate business always slow in commission payout?

real estate business always slow in commission payout?

How about commission payout in a week?

Yes! We get our commission in a week upon submission.

Some rookie has claimed more than RM 10,000 for their first month!


We pay for your real estate business • Listing

We got you covered with our strong database which had more than 30,000 seller’s contact.

real estate business start with database and property listing

By updating with the database alone, you will get confident that you got enough of property is ready for sale and for rent.

  • Don’t need to buy listing
  • Don’t need to source for listing
  • New listing added everyday
  • You get pay for your listing (Automatic system)


Scan the QR code and send in your resume.

scan to join us for your real estate business

Our team will get back to you soon!


Dive in for more about real estate business.

Imagine working for yourself in a flexible career, where you can set your own schedule and determine an annual income of RM 100,000 or more.

There are many reasons to choose real estate business as your career.

However, every story always has two aspects, and the real estate industry is no exception.

Here is a brief introduction to the pros and cons of the real estate agent industry.

How to create a successful, profitable real estate business 1

Starting Real Estate Business is Quick and Painless


In most states, you can complete the required NCC course, become a licensed real estate negotiator, and start a new career in just a matter of weeks or months (depending on state regulations).

Learn a lot complex topics and various skillset in practice and not just theory.


Need to invest time, money and efforts. In addition, it does not provide any guarantees. 

You Are Your Own Boss in Real Estate Business


You are an independent contractor and control your own business. You make a decision. Combining good attitude and solid professional ethics, the growth of real estate business is almost unlimited.


You are responsible for your lead list, maintaining customer needs, networking relationships, marketing your business, and managing daily office needs. It’s all in your hands. This could be great once we overcome it by daily practice.

Making Good Income


In real estate business, the income isn’t limit by hourly wage or a company fixed rate. Many has achieved 5 figures income on monthly basis especially they are new in the market.


As achieved good income for couple of months, most common mistake are lost of discipline and no longer work 8 hours a day.

By the time can’t get in smooth sales & lack of control in cash flow, it’s very scary to continue especially out of cash.

Flexible Working Schedule


You control all your working schedule, with a good sales-pipeline which proven to achieve RM 10,000/month and above by working less than 40 hours a week.

This is really important that you got a proper sales-pipeline which monitor your daily task (to do list) which you could complete it less than 2 hours per day.


Majority of tenant(s)/buyer(s) checking property information after their working hour or even after their dinner.

So, you need to standby for 24 hours as the market today is fast fish eat the big fish, any delay on reply the customer may got the other agent already.

We Help People For Their Largest Transactions


Great satisfaction and customer appreciation as you help them find their perfect home or sell their property at a great price. 


Great disappointed when things goes outside your plan, or even not your fault at all as customer may have their own idea and stress because this could be the only deal in their  lifetime.

Real Estate Business is Best Business to me

Before real estate business, I had failed in many business until most of my friends don’t know what I actually doing.

So, to my personal experience, real estate business is best business as it save me from my huge debts.

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