Creating Value Via Auction & Sell Fast in 3 months

VALUE is not a negotiation between one buyer and one seller. With CHESTON CHOO, we believe VALUE is the highest price that the buyer is willing to pay. The highest price is the winning bid in an auction.

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❌ Negotiation / Lowering Price

❌ Price War

❌ Misrepresentation

❌ Unfair Agent Commission

What are the advantages to the seller in an auction ?

✅ Genuine buyer with loan pre-approval

✅ Deposit is not refundable upon winning bid

✅ Maximum exposure to reach out more potential buyer

✅ High holding costs are avoided.

✅ Full control on price and could include agent commission to achieve commission free

✅ Hassle free from tons of viewing, open house saved

Buyers are prepared and genuine by showing their qualification with loan pre-approval. And their deposit is not refundable upon successful bid. 

This could totally eliminate “testers” and “lookers” to view your house, this is better security and privacy is fully protected. 

Not only that, with the bidding strategy so that the property price is start from “lowest”, this is usually get the maximum exposure to reach out more potential buyers.

Furthermore, today market are widely accepted for auction property especially they could have a look on open house or arrange viewing like normal sales. 

By selling it within set period of time, high holding costs can be clearly calculate & avoid. On the other hand, it’s benefit to estimate for reinvest in other opportunities elsewhere.

Viewing is not open to purchaser who don’t know their budget, this will extremely reduce and avoid unnecessary viewing. Save time and hassle.

What are the advantages to the buyer in an auction ?

Sellers is committed to auction agreement and obligated to transfer title to the highest bid (winner) in an auction.

This could totally eliminate “con man” and “faker” to act as seller with fake ownership documents and run away with the “booking deposit”

Not only that, with the auction agreement to assign open bidding, the price must follow guideline and usually further reduce the selling price, it’s either fair or below market value.

On the other hand, the buyer is fully control with his own budget after compared to many other similar properties with his “pre-approval mortgage”, this effectively save plenty of time on search & filtering.

By right budgeting, they gain confident and knowing that other bidder also willing to pay for about the same price as his bid, this ensure that the demand is there and property is not overpriced.

In addition, a simple viewing arrangement indirectly ensure buyer get their home after winning bid and the house is provided with vacant possession. 

✅ Genuine seller committed to auction agreement

✅ Deposit is safe and refund immediately without winning bid

✅ Below market value, fair & guided selling price

✅ Fully control the maximum price as his bid

✅ Confident to purchase as bid shows demand and not overpriced

✅ Able to view and vacant possession is provided exactly like normal sale

How to qualify as a bidder?

Intending buyers have to register for the auction by providing your details and submit the deposit to the auctioneer 1 working day before the auction. The payment could be cheque but make sure it is clear before the said date. Most payment method are welcome.

Qualified bidders may authorise others to act as agent or representative in his behalf. The representative is required to submit a Letter of Authorisation and NRIC copy of the intended purchaser.

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