Simpang Ampat:

Source: Buletin Mutiara Original post: THE construction works of the bridge in Valdor, connecting Bukit Tambun and Batu Kawan industrial areas, are scheduled to…
A very high potential, life for future where you couldn’t get any other similar like this in Penang….
它是【为何】那么值钱,又很省钱,还可以赚钱呢? 它的附近8分钟车程里:【有】两天里卖完 100% 的两百万的单位! 以上指的就是 Iconic Point Simpang Ampat 最新项目, 两百万的单位! 两天里的 SOFT LAUNCH 卖完 100%!查看全文 新闻 它也被简称为 Icon City 2,会有很多 F & B 例如 知名的…

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