Ask for discount? There is Mall waived on rental.

As property agent, couple of my tenant actually asked me talk to landlord for their rental delay.

Especially for those who just rented their office started this year.

After they got their office setup and everything ready to serve customer, and then coronavirus is serious.

The sales already dropped but with MCO then consider 0 sales.

There is Mall giving rental waiver during MCO period.

“MALAYSIA’s retail businesses have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak with some losing as much as 50% of their revenue.” By focusmalaysia.my

I just do my best.

So back to my landlord, before I asked for waiver since my customer is tenant who rent the unit with me.

As our service practice is provide after sales service so that we actually didn’t pass landlord contact or tenant contact directly to either party.

We serve if there is any request as we understand that anything request also need us (property agent) to negotiate as mostly is conflicts of interest for both party.

Some landlord give discount, some waived.

Before I talk to landlord, it’s my responsibility to check around what is the common action taken by other parties.

Or just say it’s all about common sense.

One of my landlord actually seek advice from me instead of she decide by herself.

Really thanks to her trust and her answer is follow my advice as I got more experienced in dealing “property”

And yes, she actually waived a month rental for her tenant to help them overcome this period.

I didn’t convince her to waive.

I just point out what is the circumstances if she didn’t help for the tenant.

If tenant can’t survive this and business been force to close.

What then?

This is not just helping tenant to survive, if the tenant were to close, then we need some time to find a new tenant too.

Thus, the waiver not only helping the tenant, it build a strong Goodwill too.

On the other hand, my tenant also rented other residential unit but he didn’t ask for discount or waiver for his residential unit.

This is also why I doing my best to help him for his business as I also in property business which is 0 sales during MCO.

These day, it’s common to ask for discount especially you are in business.

Yup, I got majority accept to give discount, delay payment or even waived for it.

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