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Real property story, real people decisions.

I remember I treat my good friend Charles Tan of to teh tarik many years ago and he told me many property stories. Here are a few of them for all of us to learn from his experience. As they say, if someone has over 15 years of property investment experience, it’s much faster to learn from them versus going through the 15 years by ourselves.

Real Property Story 1 • MISSED opportunity #1

Real Property Story 1 • MISSED opportunity #1

Many, many, many years ago, my good friend Charles of told me that he went to view landed homes in Balik Pulau. It was only RM269,000 or around that number. The developer is a Penang based developer. He did not buy any unit. Today, he regretted his decision tremendously as the price have more than doubled.

Real Property Story 2 • Grabbed opportunity #1

He also viewed a condo with full facilities in Sungai Ara and the price was just starting from RM229,000. At that time, RM229,000 was expensive as landed homes were just RM400,000. Fortunately, he bought one unit at RM246,000. After staying there for over 5 years, he sold the unit for RM640,000.

Real Property Story 3 • MISSED opportunity #2

After he bought one unit, he felt that the condo is underpriced for the future. He viewed a second unit of the same condo and booked a second unit. After discussion with his wife, he decided NOT to proceed. The price was RM250,000. This was very unfortunate, else, he would have another unit which more than doubled in price.

Real Property Story 4 • Grabbed opportunity #2

He viewed a unit in Kelana Jaya. It’s a 1,053 sq ft condo with facilities. It was RM183,000 and could be rented out for RM1,000 easily. He figured that even if prices did not increase much, the rental yield should improve every year. Today, the rental is RM1,600. The unit is now RM450,000. Many times, some calculative risks are needed but just do enough research before deciding.

Money, Salary, Raw Material and Land Prices

Real Property Story - Money gets smaller in every country

Money will always get smaller because of inflation. Before we think only RM gets smaller, do go and ask Singaporean how much was a cup of coffee long time ago and today. If they tell you the price has never changed, they are LYING. Every country faces the same situation, value of money gets smaller.

This is why we have increments every year. It is to enable us to have almost the same buying ability as last year. Else, very soon, we cannot buy anything and our life gets worse because though we have same salary, the Koay Teow Theng and CHar Koay Teow increase in price every year…

Raw Materials to build a new home and land prices always go up. With ever higher costs of production, it is highly unlikely that any developer would keep reducing the prices. They might as well do something else. Maybe open a glove factory instead of building homes.

My friends

My friends, property investment should be aimed at right property, right price and preferable from a reputable developer as well. It’s very expensive to make any mistakes at all. WhatsApp or call me if you need a home with attractive facilities, close to amenities and with good connectivity too. In the mean time, continue enjoy Penang food. It always increase in price every year.

Real Property Story - Food always increase in price every year