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As a real estate negotiator, I have helped many aspiring home owners buy their first property. In fact, when times are slow, the better…
Real property story, real people decision, real story & real property. Here are a few of real property stories for all of us to…
Would property price really drop? 1. Property Price May Drop – Developer If we ask the developer, the answer is NO. If they answered…
Before I tell you about this low density with nice facilities property which I think is a good buy, let me share 4 important…
This is the budget 2021 highlights for Property Market. I personally think that people who are still with stable income already grabbing the good…


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about Cheston Choo

Loyalty is seriously important for long lasting memories, it is my honors to help you find the perfect home without breaking the bank.

Be it sale, rental or buying properties, I am experienced with case study along the journey as a property consultant since 2013.

Over the years dealing with property transactions, I got the advantages to learn from cases especially with special conditions added, such as caveat, debts defaulter, missing title, legal issues & many more…

Most of this special experience is rarely happen to majority of people as buying a home can be only happen once in lifetime for a 35 years mortgage. 

But for me as a property consultant, this is my responsible to protect my client’s benefits and important of customer satisfaction on every property transaction.

I need to make sure the things goes right as people said “once bitten twice shy”, this is to assure my integrity to deal with all property transactions. 

By the responsibilities, also the advantages for me to gain experiences more than ever in dealing with property For Sale, For Rent & New Properties. 

So, let me help you with my “complete solutions” with coverage of services including my connection to legal, finance, renovation, remodelling and all sorts of assistance required to convert a property to a home or investment.

I am GLAD TO HELP either for your dream home or property investment by leverage it as a money-generating tool in the route to financial freedom, a passive income with forever rental income. Feel FREE to CONTACT ME

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Pheddnie Lim
Pheddnie Lim
Experience and knowledgeable agent.Good Service.Gives me a lot advices on how to build my business.Thanks so much.


why cheston choo

5 benefits of engaging a property agent

5 benefits of engaging a property agent. Simple & Straightforward

Buying a house is daunting enough for most of us. And we simply need some guidance through the unfamiliar process. Should you engage a property agent?

Reliable property agent

7 clues to spot a reliable property agent.

Why picking a reliable property agent is hard? Simply because majority of us buy once or twice in our lifetime. Fortunately, there are some clues to look for:

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Based on 1 reviews
powered by Facebook
Pheddnie Lim
Pheddnie Lim
Experience and knowledgeable agent.Good Service.Gives me a lot advices on how to build my business.Thanks so much.


simplify your home buying journey - properties

When you are looking to buy, sell or rent property, I believe majority of people would like to have professional guidance where could help to smooth the process of transaction.

Here, we got you covered as our property listings is NOT DUPLICATED

This could easily help you save time from searching for the right property.

Low Floor Platino with move in condition for rent at RM3,800 per month only. Come with 3 bedroom + 1 maid room + 1…
14th Floor Platino with 5 star US Interior Designer (Top notch design with dishwasher, sink disposal and more then others can offer) It’s for…
10th Floor Vertiq For Rent with 2 car park and Fully Furnished. Move in Condition so that you can just bring your luggage in….
Idaman Iris 2 car park for sale RM 405k only, this house is tenanted and messed with tenant’s belongings, but when we really look…
Taman Sri Kijang for sale below RM300k, a single storey terrace with a bit old condition is for sale now, the price is average…
Sanctuary Residence For Sale RM668,000 Best Deal Original Unit, Land Area 2,574 sq.ft. Built Up 22′ x 73′ Double Storey. FREE PROPERTY CONSULTATION &…


where is cheston choo - location


office (Island)

office (Mainland)

As Your Reliable Property Consultant, I am full with flexibility to travel everywhere for Penang State, including Bukit Mertajam & Simpang Ampat even my home is “in the end” of Penang Island. 

With two branches of office in Penang, I am ok to meet you up in our office by your choice. If you are durians lover, feel free to visit my durian farm during durian season.

In short, everywhere in Penang by appointment is available.


Who is cheston choo

Cheston Choo Logo Your reliable property agent

Cheston Choo REN 42152

Cheston Choo has been working in Meridin Properties as a Property Consultant for a award winning & rapidly growing property agency in Malaysia, along with our top-notch client assistance team since 2013.

Over years of experience in Real Estate industries, recently achieved new high by top 5 where you can see it from my portfolio here. 

The portfolio will keep up to date with new achievements. 



Contact me ⬇️⬇️

“No one able to think clearly at the beginning, our goals actually coming into our path after we getting started” 


what is cheston choo . com

This website is to provide more informations about property buyings, property related news and update.


how cheston choo benefits you

Loyalty is seriously important for long lasting memories, it is my honour to help you find the perfect home without breaking the bank.

Simplify your property journey, be it sale, rental or buying properties, I am ready to serve you with lot of case study where you could easily read more within my website.

A proper guidance could save you money and one thing that money couldn’t buy and that is “TIME”

every share, warms the heart ❤️

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